Monday March 17th, 2014

Hvordan lage en “Hyperkobling” i Word?


Hyperlink in Word

A hyperlink can be a way to jump to, for example:

– A place in the document

– A web page

– Another document

This is a recipe for making a link to a place in the same document.

First, create a Bookmark. A hyperlink can be linked to bookmarks.

To create a Bookmark:

– Select text, image (or anything) in the document that you want to link to the Hyperlink

– Go to the Insert menu, click Bookmark (about the middle of the menu)

– Enter a name and click ‘Add’

To create a hyperlink to the bookmark

– Select the text to connect to the bookmark

– From the Insert menu, click Hyperlink

– Under “Connect” there are four options

– Click “Location in Document”

– In the right window you will see the bookmark you created

– Select it and click OK

The text turns blue and is underlined. Holding down Ctrl and clicking the text (hyperlink) will take you to the bookmark.

Atin Hejrani

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