Friday February 28th, 2014

How do you create a simple formula in Excel?


Create a simple formula in Excel

In Excel, a formula begins with an equals sign (=). To create a simple formula that merges 2 numbers, do the following:

First click in the cell where you want to insert the formula,

  1. write =
  2. select the cell for the first number
  3. press +
  4. select the cell for the second number
  5. press enter


= B4 + C4

When you enter numbers into the cells (B4 and C4) which you have chosen in the formula, you get the result in the cell where you wrote the formula.

Other examples:
= B4 * C4 (multiply)
= B4 / C4 (divide)
= B4-C4 (subtract)

Now you can create a formula in Excel.

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