Tuesday January 20th, 2015

Autotexts for Word saved in Access


Word autotexts in Access

The idea behind this project and the first client was a doctor with a medical office filled with employees. In his work, the doctor and its employees use many standard sentences. These can be easily stored in Word as an autotext. But there are two challenges. The autotexts are basically only on that PC and in addition, it is a job to take care of bringing them to the next new computer.


The solution was to keep all the autotexts in a database. The doctor and staff could then access the autotexts by accessing the database. Additionally, you save all the autotextes outside the computers.

User interface

In Access, we have created a user interface to maintain the autotext. Autotexts must be grouped and selected from a menu in Word.


In word, we had to program a system that updated the auto-text menu. So we created a separate menu in Word where the employees could choose the autotexts they wanted. The autotexts were grouped by topic as they were set up in Access.