An Access / SQL / .NET test system to control all components of a construction process.


In connection with a construction project, we were contacted by Veidekke to help them find order in all the tests they should do. The overview they had was in tabular form (Excel-like) and in addition with 1 row for each input / output for one component. This made the overview more difficult and the work of documenting completion more untidy.


We were tasked to transform the component entry table into a relationship database where 1 component was 1 device but had multiple inputs / outputs. From several Excel files, we worked to set up a database that could provide a structural overview of the data.

Microsoft Access

We started the entire process of 100% Microsoft Access. This because Access is a simple tool for quickly setting up complex systems.

Microsoft SQL and Webapp

When things were almost ready, we could transfer all data to a Microsoft SQL server that secured the data better and made it possible to connect a web application to the same database.

List of Components

The first form in Access was a form to list all the components. In addition, one got a simple but powerful filtering.

Details of a component

The most amazing functionality is in the detail sheet of the component. Here you can

  • Check in a checklist the points you’ve tested
  • Set Completed (Ferdig in Norwegian)
  • Set Error (Feil in Norwegian)
  • Create comments that can be assigned to a group (eg plumbers)

Web application

We also developed a web application where users can log in, filter components in a list and then check checklist – as in the Microsoft Access application.

Images when in the field

In the web application you can also make comments on which you take pictures. This way you can easily explain an error. The images are stored on the server so that everyone can see them.


In our Veidekke system, the profile means a role with different types of components and checklists. The plumber gets filtered only the components they work with. Checklist to the electrician has ‘Is power’ as a point.


Users are assigned one of the roles that determine which components and checklists they will get.

Profile Settings

To a role (electrician, automaker) there are different checklists and component types.

Mass Check

Sometimes you want to make a change on many components with one click. Mass Checking is the way you can put many components for example ‘Done’.

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