Office Programmer

We call ourselves Excel developer and Excel programmer, but we are also Office developer and Office programmer. That is, we use the entire toolbox that an Office programmer needs. Sometimes we are Word programmers or Word developers and sometimes we are PowerPoint developers or PowerPoint programmers.

VBA programmer

What we really do is to be VBA programmers. VBA Programmer is when you go behind the program. With VBA you can control what’s going to happen in Office. We can create a button in Excel that opens a document in Word and input data there. We can start with Outlook, grab an email, download attachment or content and post it in Excel. With buttons developed by us VBA programmers for Office you can get all imaginable features.

PowerPoint programmer

Is is automation in PowerPoint you want? We can also VBA program in PowerPoint as well. Perhaps you want the contents of a PowerPoint presentation transferred to Word so it looks pretty with all notes and pictures? As long as you can make a rule of it, we can program it. Many do not really know how powerful these Microsoft Office tools are. We can save you a lot of time on what you do. We can give a completely new professional look.

Access programmer

With Microsoft Access, we can create great applications that are easy to maintain and will really give you overview and control of your data. Read more about it here.

So – Do you need an Excel programmer, Word Programmer, PowerPoint Programmer, Outlook Programmer or Access Programmer – contact us.

We are also skilled in web development, application development with php or .NET, Microsoft Access projects, etc. Let us know how we can help you.

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