Excel Expert

We are Excel experts and you get the best Excel consultant you can find. We have taught and worked with the Excel program since the early 90’s. It is because of our course participants and customers have reached the level we are today – due to their difficult and good requests and questions.

Make a rule

We love working as an Excel expert because there is so much you can do simpler by just defining a rule (after every 17th row there should be an empty row) and then run it and see how easy it works. As an Excel consultant, we can develop programs that make amazing things with your everyday life.

With only Excel

By using us as your Excel consultant and Excel expert, you can avoid more challenging and complex systems like Microsoft SQL Server.NET programming. It’s possible to load an Excel spreadsheet on a Windows timed task that reads data from an SQL server and does what you want – sends the data by email, transfers them to an FTP server, reads them into another application …

Log Email

We as Excel experts can read email from Outlook and create a log in one form or another to give you a better overview.

So – from this page I will post blogs about different challenges with Excel – and I will be happy with all suggestions, challenges and questions


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