.NET developers

Norway has many great .NET developers. But if you are looking for a company that gives you the best dotnet developers in Norway – then you are looking for us. We have senior dotnet developers who have a lot of experience in developing applications. We have experienced dotnet developers in both desktop based applications and web-based applications. We have specialized asp.net developers and asp.net web developers. The reason to mention this in particular is to let you know that developers are specialized in each field. Of course, they can do each other’s job, but being specialized in one area is definitely a very important point.

C # or C-sharp

We can also use C # in development. We have skilled C # software developers. We do not believe in being a general and not specialized. We believe in being the champion of what we do. That is why not the same developers of us are developers in .NET and in C #.

We have a strong team. When we get a project, we distribute the jobs. One team collects facts about the project, another group makes software architecture and development. In this way, one team does not think of multiple tasks. Everyone can do what they are good at. This improves the quality of work and reduces the development time. But for you as customers, the relationship is only to one person. This person takes care of good communication with you and with the developers. This person will always be technically competent in programming and databases and will be able to help with simple understanding of complex tasks.


We also have a team of vb.net developers. vb.net you may know is Visual Basic programming in a web application. We have created complex membership registers and test systems for the construction industry in vb.net. What about a webpage where you can take pictures directly to a server so that it becomes part of the data in the project!?

Many developers

You may wonder how can we be strong in so many topics. The answer is simple. We are a group of developers who have worked together for a long time. So you can contact us for all types of projects. We handle everything you throw our way and guarantee you one thing – when you start working with us, you will not be looking for another developer / company. Because we are looking for long-term business relationship. We will not stop until our client is satisfied.


We are many teams with developers, but our strength is loyal and good service. Our customers will always come first and we go a long way in solving challenges quickly and reasonably. See what others are writing about us here.

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