Tuesday October 31st, 2017

Product database for Boots Norge AS



In the spring of 2017 we were contacted by Boots Norge AS. They needed help streamlining their completely different products. The pharmacy chain sells such varied products as diapers and paracetamol. The suppliers were completely different and the people at Boots were completely different. How could we manage to match all their needs in one computer system.


Through conversations with diverse busy employees we gathered all information which was common and what was specific to a product group. With good professional information from Boots, we eventually managed to form a picture of how this could be. Based on experience from a previous project we came to the following composition:

List of Products

A list shows products. These can be filtered and sorted. Double-clicking on a product gives you all the details of the product.

Detailed Form

In detail, Boots can see comprehensive information about a product. By dividing into tabs, different information can be organized in a clear and easy way.

Mass Check / Bulk Update

In the list form you can check records. Then click Mass Check. Mass Check provides the opportunity to change many products at once. Set the values ​​that will apply to all the records and start the process.

Excel – Export / Import

The customer wanted an opportunity to extract some information for Excel. They would then change it in Excel and then import it back to the Access / SQL solution. This gives the opportunity to ask, for example. suppliers to contribute product information.

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