App Development for iPhone and Android
– With a development company with extensive experience

We have workedwith system development since the early 90s. App Development for iPhone and Android came later, but we have gotten good experience in building systems that are optimal for the job they do. A good plan before we start development is important, but we know that customers are eager to get started. Let us therefore begin with a meeting where you present your idea and we can help with useful feedback. After a constructive conversation we can set up the requirements you have for your system.


The first thing that customers want to know is how much it costs. Unfortunately that is like asking what a car costs. With a list of features we can estimate a price so that you know about how much it will cost. A fixed price you get after planning the details.


Customers prefer to have the system developed “yesterday”. Once they have decided to develop something it can not take too much time. We have our developers who work constantly with our projects, but we also have the opportunity to bring in more manpower when needed.


We will be happy to discuss solutions and estimate cost and time. Just contact us by email, SMS or chat. We are here for you!