Microsoft Access is the preferred database solution for many businesses. Microsoft Access works well with Word, Excel and Outlook and you can do many exciting projects in this context.

We have developed MS Access database systems since 1992 and have made e.g. reception system for logistics company, library database for a school, material system for HW developers, ordering systems, costing systems and much more. Our systems are “running” well and have become a critical part of the company we serve. Some systems use MS SQL server and some use only MS Access. It will depend on the application. But with an MS SQL Server and MS Access it allows you to scale up systems to as many users as you want.

Together with our customers we set up requirements for how the system shal work. What information is important for the customer to get out of this system?

Excel or Access

Many currently use Excel where Access should have been used. Excel is a great tool for its use, but if it becomes too extensive, it becomes impossible to include the entire company. Often a key employee sits on all the knowledge and the absence of the person suddenly becomes more critical than it should. By creating a userfriendly and simple system in Access all employees will enjoy it – always.


Do you have a slow system already? There are several ways to solve this, but the transition to MS SQL Server is one of them. Here we can help and can get your existing systems onto a server / client version. This is not expensive!

MariaDB is a database that is quick and free. Microsoft provides free SQL Express, but it is set to not utilize the entire server. With MariaDB you get all the power that is available.

Do you need help with the operation of their SQL Server? Backup, tuning?

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