Programming | Access | Excel | SQL

Our IT consultants have extensive experience in many different industries. Access, .NET, PHP, PowerPoint presentations everything you can imagine. We have very good programming skills in all these areas.

We are ready to take on any challenge. We have a great team that is very good at understanding almost all challenges in programming. Many companies spend a lot of time in meetings to talk about how the project will be managed. It is also important for us with a thorough planning, but we are used to quickly determine what is needed. Its solution, we see early.

For a development project, we always look at the programs that are available. We choose database solution (Access, MS SQL, MySQL) and programming languages (.NET or PHP).

We program complex solutions only with Excel. By working in the background (VBA) we can create amazing solutions that can be easily performed by users.

In Access, we have extensive experience in building database solutions that are easy to use, but can perform complex operations. Our goal is always an easily understandable and smart product.

With .NET we can develop web systems that make your application platform independent. That means it can be run from any PC, MAC or mobile. We have developed a system to capture images from your mobile or iPad directly into the server. This is suitable for field tasks where the user is walking around documenting.

We also have good knowledge in the development of web pages with MySQL and PHP. With these solutions, you can get all software for free. MariaDB is a MySQL database type that is 100% free. To it you can attach Access or .NET or PHP applications.

We are known to quickly understand the problem and provide good solutions. We will give you direct access to a technical person, so you can get the service you are looking for very easily.
Our sales personal are also developers, they plan and develop a project with you.

Please contact us for an informal chat about the challenges you have – we can definitely help you.