We have been coursing, formating and programing in Word for over 20 years. This gives us a great opportunity to help with both simple and complex solutions.


Many people struggle with pictures, table of contents or with complicated tasks like braiding. We can help you anyway. Become something we know very well and we know crunches and hooks where settings need to be set to give you the result you want.


Development of templates will make it faster for you to write letters, reports, meeting invitations and the like. Often you want to link the document to one or another database. It may be VISMA, SQL server or a spreadsheet. Read more here.


Long documents can be difficult to keep track of. Images and graphs do not stand where they go and the footer does not become the way it was thought. Formatting that may take 1-2 hours for us may cause common users to struggle for a long time. Let’s do what we are good at and then you can concentrate on what you do.