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We help customers setup difficult Excel spreadsheets.

Many customers are currently good in Excel, but we can still help. We customize functions by programming them into your existing spreadsheet.

Pivot table is a powerful tool in Excel. We help you to get started. If you have not seen a Pivot Table in action then you will be surprised how easy their data can be.

Databases with data for your corporate systems can be connected to Excel so that you can use the opportunities it gives you to sorting, filtering and Pivot tables.

Recent projects:

  1. For Difi we have created a sophisticated questionnaire in Excel –
  2. McDonald’s got a CSV export utility to send sales to a database
  3. Edvardsen Økonomiservice has received two tools. One for registering working hours – it takes into account holidays, overtime, time off in lieu etc. and one sheet to retrieve accounting data from Visma’s SQL server.
  4. For St1 we have created an Excel to Google Earth project. Actually, we converted Excel data to an Access-database which then can create a KML file which can be used by Google Earth Pro to display stations.

We also offer online courses in Excel and can make customized course where we will visit you. It is possible to combine these two with a package where you pay for access to online course while you get personalized courses on your premises.

It is important to know that Excel applications can be used as a user interface for retrieving data from many different sources. I often mention SQL, but it is possible to retrieve data from websites or other databases. In Excel, you can then enter e.g. project and month and get numbers from somewhere.

Write to us or call us at +47 46066660 and we can quickly respond and see if what you are looking for is something we can create.