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Friday November 10th, 2017

Test-system for Veidekke

An Access / SQL / .NET test system to control all components of a construction process. Prehistorie In connection with a construction project, we were contacted by Veidekke to help them find order in all the tests they should do. The overview they had was in tabular form (Excel-like) and in addition with 1 row [...] Read more
Tuesday October 31st, 2017

Some Access/SQL projects we have completed

2017-11-10 07:55:18 11 Test-system for Veidekke Et Access/SQL/.NET system for å kontrollere alle komponenter i en byggeprosess. I forbindelse med et byggeprosjekt ble vi kontaktet av Veidekke for å hjelpe de å få orden på alle tester de skulle gjøre. Dokumentasjon og kommunikasjon mellom de ulike gruppene (rørlegger/elektriker) var viktige punkter. Vi lagde en liste [...] Read more
Tuesday October 31st, 2017

Product database for Boots Norge AS


Contakt In the spring of 2017 we were contacted by Boots Norge AS. They needed help streamlining their completely different products. The pharmacy chain sells such varied products as diapers and paracetamol. The suppliers were completely different and the people at Boots were completely different. How could we manage to match all their needs in […]

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