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Author: Hans Kristian Eide

Monday March 17th, 2014

Hvordan lage en “Hyperkobling” i Word?

Hyperlink in Word A hyperlink can be a way to jump to, for example: - A place in the document - A web page - Another document This is a recipe for making a link to a place in the same document. First, create a Bookmark. A hyperlink can be linked to bookmarks. To create [...] Read more
Friday February 28th, 2014

How do you create a simple formula in Excel?

Create a simple formula in Excel In Excel, a formula begins with an equals sign (=). To create a simple formula that merges 2 numbers, do the following: First click in the cell where you want to insert the formula, write = select the cell for the first number press + select the cell for [...] Read more
Wednesday February 26th, 2014

Where are the templates in Office 2013/2016?

Folder for templates When upgrading from Office 2010 to 2013 or 2016, one's own templates may disappear. This happens because Microsoft has moved the folder where the templates should be located. The template folder in 2010 is below: C: \ Users \ Username \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Templates And the template folder [...] Read more
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